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Case Study

Abbey, a 40kg, 6yo female German Shepherd was referred following presentation at her regular veterinarian after a motor vehicle accident causing multiple fractured teeth on the day of the incident. The referring clinic had commenced Clavulox 500mg IM and Metacam 40mg SQ three hours prior to presentation. The oral examination revealed multiple teeth fractures. A dental chart was completed. The maxillary left 2nd incisor (202) and mandibular left canine (304) had complicated crown fractures. The mandibular left 1st and 2nd incisors (301, 302) had complicated crown-root fractures. There were multiple teeth with uncomplicated crown fractures with dentin exposure: 104, 108, 203, 204, 303, 401, 402 and 403. Clinical examination found Abbey to be healthy – T38.1C, HR 144, RR 12, mentation bright and alert, body condition score 6/9.