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Aust Vet Summer 2020

The start of an alphabetic journey through the management of our veterinary patients’ oral problems begins with an ‘a’. our alphabet consists of 26 letters, from a to z, and forms the foundation for...

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Aust Vet Autumn 2020

In our previous article we started our alphabetic journey looking at our veterinary patients’ oral problems beginning with an ‘a’, which included anaesthesia monitoring, attrition and abrasion. i...

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Aust Vet Spring 2019

Juvenile dentistry deals with the diagnosis and treatment of developmental, genetic and iatrogenic factors that may lead to missing teeth, tooth and jaw fractures, root or enamel dysplasia and...

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Aust Vet Winter 2019

Whilst the initiation of gingivitis commences with plaque, the progression to periodontitis requires a number of factors including the individual’s subgingival microbiome, calculus deposits, breed,...

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Aust Vet Autumn 2019

Case Study Abbey, a 40kg, 6yo female German Shepherd was referred following presentation at her regular veterinarian after a motor vehicle accident causing multiple fractured teeth on the day of the...

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