Endodontics (Root Canals)

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Endodontics (Root Canals)



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Who can attend:
Veterinarians with an ANZCVS membership and bring a nurse to assist


VDEC Training Centre, 81 Belgrave-Hallam Rd, Hallam Vic 3803

Endodontics or the treatment of the tooth’s root and pulp canals, gives the veterinarian disease management options other than extraction. The tooth root comprises a significant portion of the jaw integrity and extraction may not be only difficult but leads to a weakened jaw bone. Tooth preservation enables the animal to maintain its dentition and prevents further injury. Whether providing endodontic treatment for a slab fracture of the maxillary carnassial tooth or a canine tooth, endodontic therapy gives the veterinarian important treatment options. Radiology forms a major component in the endodontic discipline and attendance at the radiology course or evidence of radiology skills and access to radiographic equipment in the clinic is a pre-requisite. This course provides diagnosis of tooth pathology and the delivery of treatment will discuss indications for root canal therapy, equipment and materials required for root canal therapy, debridement and obturation techniques, restorative materials and their usage as applied to endodontic access sites.